After-School Learning League

Starting September 2023, Manhattan Parks and Recreation will be putting on a after-school program for middle school students at Anthony and Eisenhower school. This program will take place after school until 5:30 PM each weekday that school is in session.


About the Program

The program will have an activity-based approach that allows participants to experience the positive values of sports through a multitude of roles and experiences.

Students will be placed on mixed-ability teams at the beginning of the season and will remain on those teams throughout the season.

Each session will feature:

  • Teaching the basics of the sport
  • Team affiliation
  • Practicing sport, management, analytical, and officiating skills
  • A culminating event
  • A festive, fun atmosphere

Program Timeline

Each semester will be divided into three 4-week units. The first Fall semester units will be:

  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Mat Ball
  • Volleyball