Juneteenth Celebration

June 17

Friday Night's performance is sponsored by the Manhattan Juneteenth Committee and is part of Manhattan's Juneteenth celebration! 

Anita Jackson, Taynka Mimi, Wil Robinson, Phil Graves, Jordan Brewer, Andrew Exum, Leland Crenshaw

PRIVATE PROPERTY - A band of talented singers and musicians more notably known singularly than collectively.  Anyone familiar with the St.Louis music scene can point out each member in this band.  Several of this unique entourage has either recorded, performed, or toured with such stars as Howard Hewitt, Bette Midler, Chico Debarge, Theo Peoples, Marvin Winan, just to name a few.  Members have also been featured on St Louis local network stations for their musical abilities.  Vocalists Anita Jackson, Taynka Mimi, and Wil Robinson are known for performing top hits from the 70's - 2021 from such artists as Beyonce, Prince, Bruno Mars, and many more.