Indoor Recreation Photo Project

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We need your photos!

As construction on the Anthony and Eisenhower Recreation Centers continues, we need help adding some personal touches to these facilities: YOUR photos! 

We know Manhattan is a special place, and we want to reflect that with local photography. Amateur and professional photographers are invited to submit photos that represent the rich history, beauty, and diversity of our community. 

What are we looking for? Photos of Parks & Recreation programs, special events, and sports, along with City of Manhattan activities, people, and places, will be considered.

Photo specifications:
πŸ“· You must provide all required information in the online submittal form. 
πŸ“· Photos must be submitted no later than October 11, 2020.
πŸ“· All photos must be submitted online as high-resolution digital images, (minimum) 300 dpi. 
πŸ“· Photos may be black and white or color, new or vintage.
πŸ“· Photographs that show people must be submitted with a photo release signed by the individual(s) in the photo and including their printed names.
πŸ“· There is no limit to the number of photographs that may be submitted, but you may only submit three at one time. 

Please send any questions to