John Hachmeister

Fire Tornado

"This sculpture references the phenomenon of 'fire tornados' that erupt on occasion when burning native tall grasses in the Flint Hills and on my farm. When the fire and breeze are right, two mini tornados rush down the fire line. On the grass side, it’s a column of flames swirling 30 to 40-feet into the sky, and on the burned side of the fire line it is a sister column of black ash.

Using those brief stunning images as inspiration, I melt aluminum to around 1,200F and draw with it in a calligraphic fashion, as if it were ink on paper. The aluminum is poured on and around a steel armature and, when cooled, multiple layers of paint are applied."

About the Artist

John Hachmeister was born in North Central Kansas in 1949. Though he grew up on a ranch near Natoma, Kansas, part of each year was spent living with his maternal grandmother in Chicago. It was during these yearly visits to Chicago that Hachmeister was first exposed to sculpture, both modern and ancient. 

John Hachmeister is an artist, art professor, and art activist caring for and promoting the appreciation of grassroots art sites. He lives in a rural setting but works in his studio buildings in Lawrence, Kansas. He has created public artwork in the United Kingdom, Peoples Republic of China, and numerous locations in the United States.

More of John's work can be found online at 

Art Location

Fire Tornado is located on 3rd Street in front of the mall entrance, in downtown Manhattan.