Pat Slimmer

Study in Light

The mirror finish on stainless steel circles captures and projects the light during sunrise and sunset. In contrast to the mirror finish stainless steel the body of the sculpture is made out of 11 gauge steel with a rusted patina/finish 2 inches thick and about 10-12 inches wide about 5ft tall. All welds except securing to the base will be TIG brazed, giving a nice contrast of yellow brass on the edges of the rusted metal finish and stainless steel edge.

About the Artist

From public art to cars, Pat Slimmer is a true renaissance man! In addition to being a master mechanic, Pat Slimmer is the man behind the infamous ‘Flying Saucer’ Art Car. This signature vehicle in the Art Tougeau parade has traveled to many exhibitions and has even been featured in several books. Pat’s public art has been exhibited in Topeka’s NOTO Arts District and the Downtown Lawrence Sculpture Exhibition. Pat has created metal sculptures for the Lawrence annual Scarecrow Auction and his metal wreaths are always a favorite part of the Lawrence Festival of Trees.

 For more of Pat's art, visit his Instagram page, @slimmermetalarts.

Art Location

Study in Light is located on 3rd Street in front of the mall entrance in downtown Manhattan.