Kati Toivanen

Blooming Planters

"I proposed to create a site-specific, photographic project at the 3rd Street Pocket Park. AlumiGraphics adhesive prints are made of saturated, brilliant, and durable (1+ yrs) outdoor material that removes without a trace.

Large flower planters in the area invite bright image displays to interact with the surroundings. At the 3rd Street Pocket Park, I would focus on floral imagery. As seasons change, having colorful planters would highlight the cyclical aspect of nature while providing visual stimuli throughout the year, even in the absence of blooming plants. The concept is scalable and adaptable to various locations."

About the Artist

"I cherish the opportunity to activate public spaces with art in order to engage viewers and to enrich the audience experiences. In my six completed public art projects, I responded to the function of the site both visually and conceptually to create unique works spanning photography, digital imagery, sculptural projects, and installations. I hope to disrupt everyday routines by providing moments of surprise and by inviting conversation. Placement, abstraction, and suggestion are the most important considerations as I create art for public spaces.

Using a technique of seamless digital collage, I create imagery that is at once familiar and mysterious, enchanting, and disorienting. Scale, color, texture, and juxtaposition compete and coalesce to transform the ordinary into fictional vignettes. The imagery oscillates between abstraction and representation, as well as painting and photography."

More of Kati's work can be found online at http://www.katitoivanen.com.

Art Location

Blooming Planters are located on 3rd Street, between Osage Street and Leavenworth Street, in downtown Manhattan.