Trail Improvements

Sidewalk Gap

Sidewalk gap

CiCo Park Trail Improvements

CiCo Park Trail Improvements

Proposed Trail Improvements

Proposed trail improvements include improving existing trails by:

  • Filling sidewalk gaps near trailheads to improve connectivity
  • Improving drainage in low-lying areas
  • Adding signage and other amenities such as benches at trailheads
  • Implementing a 911 emergency wayfinding system

Other trail improvements would include growing the trail system and improving connectivity by:

  • Building new trails in city parks
  • Filling sidewalk gaps near city parks and proposed community recreation centers to encourage walking and biking to parks and recreation areas
  • Building a walking/biking loop around the entire city using existing trails and sidewalks and new trail connectors

Trail Gaps

Map of gaps in a city trail

Why Trail Improvements?

The Strategic Facility Improvement Plan survey showed 70% of households have used trails in the community and 41% said walking and biking trails were the most important parks and recreation facility to their family. A Trail Use Study (PDF) completed in 2016 showed that for 95% of trail users, the trails have helped them increase their level of physical activity.

These trail improvements address the No. 3 priority in the Facility Feasibility Study to "improve availability and condition of community parks, trails and neighborhood parks."

Existing Conditions