Splash Parks

Splash parks are open 10 AM to 8 PM daily during warm weather months. Admission is free. Manhattan Parks and Recreation maintains two splash parks:

Splash Parks will stay open as long as the weather is cooperative through August and September.

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  1. City Park
  2. Blue Earth Plaza

Splash Park at City Park

This free, interactive water entertainment area features dumping water buckets, spray nozzles, fountains, and water spouts. The surface is level so all can participate.

The area features a covered pavilion with picnic tables, bathroom facilities, a large playground, and benches. Children may choose to wear rubber-soled swim shoes for easy transition between the two play areas.

The water feature is on a timer so please wait a few moments if it is not in operation upon your arrival, or activate the features using the switch located on the wall.

Children should be supervised to ensure their safety.

Contact Information

The splash park is located in the southwest corner of City Park on East Park Road, in downtown Manhattan.

Questions? Email mhkprd@cityofmhk.com or call 785-587-2754.