Your safety is our priority and guidelines are in place to protect you. The final decision is made by the pool manager.

In accordance with precautions outlined by the National Weather Service, we ask that you please comply with the following weather policy:

The pool will be open on days that the weather is sunny and the temperature exceeds 70 degrees or days that the weather is cloudy or overcast and the temperature exceeds 75 degrees.

In the event that thunder is heard or lightning is seen, the water park will be cleared of swimmers and will be kept clear until 30 minutes have passed without hearing thunder or seeing lightning. (The 30-minute clock will restart after each occurrence.)

No new admissions will be permitted during this time.

If heavy rain is present and there is poor visibility of the bottom of the pool, all patrons will be asked to get out of the pools until the rain subsides.

If two hours pass during which patrons are unable to swim as a result of inclement weather, the management team will close the pool. If two or fewer hours of operation are left and the weather is still poor, the facility will be closed the remainder of the day.

If local weather reports indicate the presence of storms for an extended period of time, the water parks will remain closed.

No refunds or rain checks will be issued.

If the National Weather Service issues a tornado watch, patrons will be notified with the facility's public address system. If the National Weather Service issues a tornado warning, all remaining staff and patrons are to immediately proceed to an emergency shelter (bathhouse).

Patrons choosing to evacuate to their vehicles release the City of Manhattan, Manhattan Parks and Recreation Department and all water park employees for their safety.

Water parks will not open unless the temperature is safe for patrons. In case of adverse weather, the pools will close at the manager or head lifeguard's discretion.

Check the weather forecast before you head out to the pool.