Mosquito Control Strategy

With summer heat comes mosquito season and, in recent years, a concern about the threat of the mosquito-borne West Nile Virus in northeast Kansas. The City of Manhattan has adopted a mosquito control strategy that includes improving drainage and applying larvicide to standing water on city-owned property. This simple strategy effectively eliminates mosquito breeding grounds on city property and depends on the active partnership among the Forestry and Parks Divisions, the Public Works Department, and area citizens.

Standing Water Notification

When notified of standing water on city-owned property, forestry personnel apply a mosquito-specific granular larvicide to the water to eliminate larval mosquitoes. The larvicide application is "environmentally friendly" and non-toxic to any creature except mosquitoes.

Property-Owner Responsibility

Property owners are responsible for controlling mosquito propagation on private property. The city recommends that property owners eliminate standing water by improving drainage channels, removing debris from rain gutters, and changing water weekly in birdbaths, fountains, flowerpot basins, and pet water bowls on their property. Tire swings and discarded tires offer an ideal environment for mosquito propagation; shaded, standing, and generally undisturbed water. Remove or replace the tires if possible or drill small drain holes where the water tends to collect. Mosquitoes that are most likely to carry the West Nile Virus do not breed in fresh or flowing water.

The City of Manhattan recommends that individuals use mosquito repellents according to the directions provided by manufacturers, limit outdoor activities at dawn and dusk and eliminate standing water in their homes and yards. Learn more about mosquito control and its benefits to curbing the spread of the West Nile Virus, by visiting the local library or the K-State Research and Extension Library.

For more information about the city’s efforts to curb the mosquito population in Manhattan, call Manhattan Parks and Recreation at 785-587-2757.