Sojourner Truth Park

This site was purchased by the Urban Renewal Agency in 1972 for community improvements. The park and its amenities were laid out and developed through a series of public meetings with area residents. Later, the Audubon Society, in cooperation with the surrounding neighborhood, established a butterfly garden at the east end of the park.


Benches and tables near the playground make this park an excellent place to visit. The layout of the park allows multiple groups to participate in separate activities without interfering with each other while using the park.


Truth Park shelter is located on Pottawatomie Avenue between South Manhattan Avenue and 11th Street. This shelter has stationary tables, one large grill, a playground and basketball court nearby. Lights and electricity are available.

Hours & Reservations

All park shelters are open during regular park hours for public use. Exclusive use is always granted to those who have reserved the Shelter through the Parks and Recreation Office.

Facility, Field, Court and Shelter Reservation Forms

A playground in Sojourner Truth Park

Size: 2.79 acres
Established: 1996
Location: 10th and Pottawatomie

Park Amenities

  • Shelter
  • Grills
  • Playground
  • Outdoor Basketball
  • Butterfly Garden
A shelter in Sojourner Truth Park