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Wet weather can impact many of our trails. Following rain events, please avoid gravel surface or natural surface trails to allow time for the trail surfaces to dry. Riding or walking on muddy trails leaves tracks, which requires additional staff time to repair. We encourage the use of paved trails if possible. Some paved trails, primarily located in low-lying areas along Wildcat Creek, may also be impacted by rain or siltation following rain events. We are working as diligently as possible to restore trails affected by wet weather.

View this map to see the current status of Manhattan Trails.

Linear Trail: Construction Update

Linear Trail was closed for construction from South Manhattan Avenue to the Blue River Access Area (US-24 Boat Ramp) starting February 1, 2022. The Linear Trail from the Blue River Access Area north to Casement Road at Hayes Drive also was closed starting June 1, 2022.

These sections of the Linear Trail will remain closed until spring 2024 to allow for completion of the Manhattan levee project. The Linear Trail system will be restored and reopened at the completion of this project. Work on the Manhattan levee system is proceeding according to schedule, with substantial work already begun on earthwork, utility relocations, and relief well installation.

During construction, the parking lot and boat ramp at the Blue River Access Area will remain open. The Linear Trail system also remains open from the South Manhattan Avenue trailhead proceeding west. The trailhead parking lot near Casement Road and Hayes Drive was closed August 1, 2022.

Linear Trail from Amherst Avenue to Anderson Avenue will be closed to the public from Oct. 31, 2022 through Nov. 23, 2022 for repairs to the bridge over Wildcat Creek. Please choose an alternate route during this time frame, as the bridge will be impassible while part of the deck supports are being replaced.

The project, administered by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, will substantially enhance the reliability and structural integrity of the Manhattan levee system and increase the level of protection from flooding events along both the Big Blue River and Kansas River.

The project will raise the height of the levee, as well as replace structures and equipment along the levee that were installed with the original project in the early 1960s.

The River Trails along the Kansas River also remain closed during this construction period.

Questions regarding the Manhattan levee project and trail closures can be directed to Bill Heatherman at

Information about alternate biking and walking trails can be found at

Levee-Linear  River Trail Closures May22update

2019 Completed Trails

  • Kimball Trail: Hudson to Vanesta - 0.5 mile Paved Trail

2018 Completed Trails

  • Jorgensen Park Trail - 0.85 mile Natural Trail
  • Denison Avenue Trail - 1.0 mile Paved Trail
  • Old Blue River Trail - 0.73 mile Gravel Trail
  • West Anderson Trail 0.76 mile Paved Trail

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Trail Evaluation History

Manhattan Parks and Recreation conducted an evaluation of its trail system with the help of the Center for Research Strategies in 2016. The evaluation included the assessment of trail use and the overall impact within the community. Multiple evaluation tools were used to reach thousands of residents:

  • 1,976 community members responded to an electronic survey
  • 262 trail users provided feedback through trail intercept surveys
  • 5 city leaders were interviewed
  • And 51 people participated in focus groups to voice their opinions about trail use and suggestions for improvements

Through this evaluation, Manhattan residents and community leaders confirmed the trail system is an asset to the community and attracts many regular users. Possible improvements identified in this process include lighting, increased trail connectors, and improved safety. More event-based activities could be organized to attract greater use of trails by families and young children, according to feedback provided in this evaluation.