May and June 2019 Flood Recovery Updates

2019 Trail Flood Map 6/14-16/19

Parks and Trails Update for May/June 2019

The following map and updates give the most recent updates of flood recovery efforts due to the recent flash flooding, high waters, and rain in the area. We are working to make repairs as soon as possible. Should you have detailed questions, please let Parks and Recreation if you have questions at 785-587-2754. 


Northeast Park: Open

Anneberg Park

Anneberg Park is reopened. The trail segment from Stone Glen Drive to the Wildcat Creek bridge at the SW corner is rough in spots and may be muddy following rain. Repairs are pending. Use with caution. 

We will continue to make updates as they become available.

FloodMap-AnnebergDetail 6-12-19 

2019 Trail Condition Map 6/14-16/19