Indoor Facilities Steering Committee


What is the Steering Committee? The Steering Committee will be comprised of citizens with an interest in the project. Members will give input on the concept and schematic design of the new buildings. The committee will receive periodic updates from the City and consultant team. Committee members will also receive invitations to all relevant City Commission Meetings (Tuesday evenings) and consultant led public input sessions during the planning and design process.

What is the committee’s responsibility? The committee will provide a recommendation to the City Administration, the consultant, and ultimately the City Commission in terms of how to proceed with the recreation improvements at the identified middle schools, including concept and design.

How long is the commitment? If appointed, committee members should expect monthly meetings from April 2018 through May 2019.

When is the deadline to apply? Community members will have until April 11 to apply, with appointments made by the Mayor at the April 17 City Commission Meeting.

To be considered, please fill out the online interest form link below. The name of this committee will be formed with the committee after they are appointed on April 17.

If you are not appointed, these will be open public meetings so everyone will be encouraged to provide comments and suggestions during these committee meetings.

Still have questions? Please feel free to email me, Eddie Eastes, Director of Parks and Recreation, at You have been an important part of the process, and we hope you consider staying involved.

steering committee

A new Indoor Facilities Steering Committee is being formed this spring to help with the guidance of the and direction of the two new indoor facilities being constructed at both middle school locations. If you are interested in applying for this Mayor appointed committee, you can apply here. Deadline to apply is April 11. 

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