Park Master Plans

City Park Master Plan in process 

The planning process is currently re-engaging with the community to evaluate parks and recreation facility improvements from a broader, community-wide perspective as part of the Parks and Recreation Facility Feasibility Study.  The current concept plan of the City Park Master Plan can be viewed here. In addition, the draft City Park Master Plan Document can be found here and your feedback can be sent to Alfonso Leyva, Park Planner, at 

Roger Schultz Community Park Master Plan 

The Roger Schultz Community Park (formerly known as the Park at Lee Mill Heights)  is an undeveloped 93-acre tract in the southwest quadrant of the city. The parkland is owned by the City of Manhattan and was annexed in 2015. It was acquired through a combination purchase and land donation. Surrounding land uses include residential on the south and east (predominantly single-family, detached residences), undeveloped land to the north (zoned residential) and rangeland to the west. There are two public access points: from Miller Parkway on the north and Loma Ridge Drive, a local street, on the east. The site is comprised of rolling prairie with steep slopes and deep, wooded ravines. There are approximately 165 feet of elevation change on the site.

The Master Plan of Roger Schultz Community Park can be viewed here
Appendix Documents can be viewed here

Warner Park Master Plan in process  

City Staff is continuing the process to update the Master Plan for Warner Park. The latest concept, Coralberry, consolidates the two previous concepts based on public feedback and the proposed disc golf layout by HouckDesign.

Coralberry Concept

Colorado Park (Historic Courthouse Square)

This master plan for Colorado Park (Historic Courthouse Square) is inspired by the 2001 Master Plan, a
2012 concept plan, details of the historic jail, and analysis of historic aerial photography. The proposed
concept seeks to capitalize on ideas proposed in these earlier plans and design elements that were once
a major part of the site to re‐establish a similar environment while accommodating current needs.
Master Plan Narrative
Master Plan 

Strategic Facility Improvement Plan

The Parks and Recreation Strategic Facility Improvement Plan provided a comprehensive look at Manhattan’s recreation facilities and programs. The plan evaluates existing indoor and outdoor recreation facilities, assesses the community’s needs for improved places to play, and proposes strategies to enhance existing (or possibly build new) sport courts, fields and gyms that the entire community will benefit from. 
Strategic Facility Improvement Plan