Park at Lee Mill Heights

The Park at Lee Mill Heights is an undeveloped 75-acre tract in the southwest quadrant of the city. The parkland is owned by the City of Manhattan and was recently annexed. It was acquired through a combination purchase and land donation. Surrounding land uses include residential on the south and east (predominantly single-family, detached residences), undeveloped land to the north (zoned residential) and rangeland to the west. There are two public access points: from Miller Parkway on the north and Loma Ridge Drive, a local street, on the east. The site is comprised of rolling prairie with steep slopes and deep, wooded ravines. There is approximately 165 feet of elevation change on the site. Several high points offer stunning views of the park and Kansas River Valley in the distance. There are a variety of plants and animals you may see in the park.

The goal of this project is to develop a master plan for a new natural area park. The park offers residents a truly unique opportunity to experience the beauty of the Flint Hills without leaving the city. Learn more about the design process and the master planning progress.